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Business Process Outsourcing

Consulting Service

Global 500 Companies have witnessed a dramatic increase in business process and technology process outsourcing.  They are selecting new service delivery models that outsource significant components of their value chain to achieve cost advantage, reduce risk, improve their ability to manage variable demand and to allow increased focus on their core competencies.  From a strategic perspective, we categorize outsourcing relationships … Read more >


Financial Services

Industry Expertise

Today’s Financial Services institutions are facing extremely high levels of regulatory change, global constraints and are experiencing on-going brand deflation. These companies need to harness better business models to overcome shortcomings of the past while, at the same time, improve customer relationships, optimize costs and grow their businesses to remain competitive in this marketplace.  At … Read more >


Transformational HR


Business is about people, and HR is about sourcing, developing and retaining the best people.    Today’s leading HR organizations not only execute HR transactions efficiently, they also help drive the strategic agenda and strongly influence the overall corporate culture. When all these capabilities are present in an organization, we see the company transform and it’s … Read more >

HR Transformation: Pitfalls and Missteps


The Enterprise shift to Cloud Computing is rapidly accelerating through-out the rest of this decade.  As part of this shift, many companies are choosing to switch to new Cloud-based HRIS applications from their existing legacy ERP platforms.  This is mainly attributable to the following reasons: Increased efficiency through self-service Improved compliance Lower cost subscriptions and … Read more >

Latest News

  • 2016 - HBSC wins an ERP Assessment Engagement for a Silicon Valley High Tech Firm
  • 2016 - HBSC wins HRIS and Payroll Evaluation and Architecture project for a Manufacturing Company
  • 2016 - HBSC wins a M&A Integration project in the Financial Insurance Industry
  • 2015 - HBSC wins an HRIS and Payroll Digital Transformation Engagement - Financial Services
  • 2015 - HBSC wins Cloud Strategy Project for High Tech Software company

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