• We help strategize, plan and execute high-value Digital Transformation projects

  • Expert staff, innovative thinking, best-practice methodologies and we love helping Clients succeed

  • Other firms implement software, we help organizations transform their business through Cloud technology

  • We advise and collaborate with Clients to address today’s most challenging business and technology demands

  • We help our Clients innovate and transform their businesses

Strategic Services

Consulting Service

Business Strategy HBSC Strategic Services has been helping clients create compelling strategic visions of the future and execute with precision for over 15 years.   We offer clients: Strategic Planning Change Management Services Our industry leading methodologies and tools help clients crystallize their future and then execute in a decisive manner.  Performance improvement and new … Read more >


Green Tech

Industry Expertise

Many Fortune 1000 corporations are beginning to look at Green Technology (GreenTech) as a critical success factor in their strategic planning cycles. This trend has accelerated over the past several years due to competitors reengineering supply chains to make them greener, consumer environmental awareness and increased evidence of environmental impacts. The primary reasons that corporations are now … Read more >


Digital First Transformation


Many Fortune 1000 companies are currently trying to differentiate their products and services and simultaneously provide lower cost to their customers through innovative Digital Strategies.  The ones that fail, will most likely not be around in 10-15 years and the ones that do, have a chance to dominate existing and adjacent markets.   Depending on the … Read more >

HR Transformation: Pitfalls and Missteps


The Enterprise shift to Cloud Computing is rapidly accelerating through-out the rest of this decade.  As part of this shift, many companies are choosing to switch to new Cloud-based HRIS and Payroll applications from their existing legacy ERP platforms.  This is mainly attributable to the following reasons: Increased efficiency through self-service Improved domestic and global … Read more >

Latest News

  • 2016 - HBSC wins a Digital Transformation engagement for a Leading Silicon Valley High-tech company
  • 2016 - HBSC wins HRIS and Payroll Implementation project for US-based Law Firm
  • 2016 - HBSC wins an ERP Assessment Engagement for a Silicon Valley High Tech Firm
  • 2016 - HBSC wins HRIS and Payroll Evaluation and Architecture project for a Manufacturing Company
  • 2016 - HBSC wins a M&A Integration project in the Financial Insurance Industry

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