Strategic Benchmark Services

Benchmarking, when properly applied, offers organizations an effective means of improving their performance.  The fact that customers, employees and business partners are free to choose between market alternatives, makes organizational benchmarking a key competitive tool.   Benchmarking can be used to understand performance and provide incentive for non-competitive parts of the organization to improve efficiency.

In today’s dynamic business environment, comparative analysis and best practices can lead to Strategic and Operative performance.   Our end-to-end methodology helps organizations plan and execute both internal, external and functional benchmarking studies that deliver actionable improvement recommendations.

Benchmark Methodology 1.0

Step 1 : Define, Plan and Collect

  • Establish need for benchmarking
  • Identify benchmark subject(s)
  • Identify partners (superior performers)
  • Determine data collection methodology
  • Collect internal internal / 3rd party data

Step 2: Comparison and Analysis

  • Assess strengths & weaknesses
  • Determine competitive gap
  • Validate findings
  • Project future performance

Step 3: Review Results and Action

  • Communicate study results
  • Establish functional goals
  • Develop action plans
  • Implement and Monitor
  • Recalibrate benchmarks


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