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Interim CXO Services

Consulting Service

HBSC provides Interim CXO Services to Fortune 1000 companies and fast-growth start-ups. Companies that require organizational transformation, risk mitigation, turnaround management, or need to staff recently vacated positions leverage our services. Our Executive Consultants have 20+ years of leadership experience in publicly and privately held companies. Many of our seasoned veterans also have experience helping …


Industry Expertise

The Retail industry is rapidly evolving with major changes in customer demographics, buying habits, technology preferences and service expectations.  In many instances, these changes are happening much faster than mainstream retailers can adjust.  Some of the key trends altering the competitive landscape include: Seamless meshing of online and offline experiences Mobile / Social Commerce Same-day …

Demystifying the Myths of Artificial Intelligence 


Step onto the grand stage of technological marvels, and there it stands, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the enigmatic enchanter of our digital era. Yet, as it captivates our minds and molds industries, let’s journey beyond the curtain of misconceptions. AI is not some sentient deity nor a brilliant mind unfurling its own designs. No, my friend, …

AI Deep Learning – Can Computers Think?


Over the past 60 years, Computer Scientists have relentlessly searched for ways to create intelligent machines through the application of complex rules-based algorithms.  Recent advancements in Machine Learning (ML) algorithms in combination with vast quantities of training data have made widespread Artificial Intelligence a reality.  By successfully modeling many functions of the human brain in …

HR Transformation: Pitfalls & Missteps


Human Resources’ shift to best-of-breed Cloud Computing and AI Technologies will only accelerate throughout the rest of this decade. Some companies choose mature Cloud-based HRIS and Payroll applications from their existing legacy ERP platforms, while most focus on best-of-breed HRIS platforms. This is mainly attributable to the following reasons: Increased efficiency via self-service and mobility …

New Release

The Last Book of Leadership
We have entered a Super Evolutionary period! And leaders need to evolve to meet accelerating change. To help both seasoned and emerging leaders, we released a brand-new book, The Last Book of LeadershipBuy It Now

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  • 2023 - FinTech Win - HCM Implementation
  • 2022 - Hi-Tech Win - Digital & Organizational Transformation
  • 2022 - BioTech Win - Sales Ops / Deal Desk
  • 2021 - HBSC wins UKG Implementation Project

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