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Introduction to HBSC Strategic Services

The Last Book of Leadership - by Christopher G. Hornick


The Last Book of Leadership by Christopher G. Hornick

We have entered a Super Evolutionary period! And leaders need to evolve to meet accelerating change. To help both seasoned and emerging leaders, we released a brand-new book, The Last Book of Leadership.

Leadership Development

Consulting Service

Experience the power of Unified Leadership. Three questions every leader needs to ask themselves: Take the Unified Leadership Survey: https://www.thelastbookofleadership.com/ulm-scorecard/ We live in a …

Interim CXO Services

Consulting Service

HBSC provides Interim CXO Services to Fortune 1000 companies and fast-growth start-ups. Companies that require organizational transformation, risk mitigation, turnaround management, or need to …

Demystifying the Myths of Artificial Intelligence 


Step onto the grand stage of technological marvels, and there it stands, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the enigmatic enchanter of our digital era. Yet, as …

AI Deep Learning – Can Computers Think?


Over the past 60 years, Computer Scientists have relentlessly searched for ways to create intelligent machines through the application of complex rules-based algorithms.  Recent …

Latest News

  • 2024 - HBSC wins FinTech HCM / ERP Implementation
  • 2024 - HBSC wins Medical Device AI Predictive Analytics Engagement
  • 2023 - Online Gaming Win - HCM Transformation
  • 2023 - FinTech Win - HCM Implementation
  • 2022 - Hi-Tech Win - Digital & Organizational Transformation
  • 2022 - BioTech Win - Sales Ops / Deal Desk
  • 2021 - HBSC wins UKG Implementation Project
  • 2021 - HBSC wins Workday Conversion Effort

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Financial Services

Industry Expertise

Unleashing the Power of Innovation: Exploring the Future of Financial Services   The financial services industry is undergoing a profound transformation driven by technological …

HR Transformation: Pitfalls & Missteps


Human Resources’ shift to best-of-breed Cloud Computing and AI Technologies will only accelerate throughout the rest of this decade. Some companies choose mature Cloud-based …

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