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Billing Reconciliation Services

Consulting Service

Due to business time constraints, non-standard billing, and changing benefits plans, many companies have challenges reconciling their premium payments to actual employee enrollment. Because of this complexity, HBSC offers Billing Reconciliation, Audit Services, and Payment Services. Sources of Billing Errors There are multiple benefit billing scenarios, including carrier billing, self-billing, and hybrid billing. Organizations that …

Green Tech

Industry Expertise

Many Fortune 1000 corporations are beginning to look at Green Technology (GreenTech) as a critical success factor in their strategic planning cycles. This trend has accelerated over the past several years due to competitors reengineering supply chains to make them greener, consumer environmental awareness and increased evidence of environmental impacts. The primary reasons that corporations are now …

AI Deep Learning – Can Computers Think?


Over the past 60 years, Computer Scientists have relentlessly searched for ways to create intelligent machines through the application of complex rules-based algorithms.  Recent advancements in Machine Learning (ML) algorithms in combination with vast quantities of training data have made wide-spread Artificial Intelligence a reality.  By successfully modeling many functions of the human brain in …

ERP Best Practices


Selecting a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution can be daunting for any organization, but once the selection process has been completed, the real work begins.  The task of realizing value from this sizable software investment requires a thoughtful and methodical approach focused on solving real business problems. Whether you have selected Oracle, SAP or …

HR Transformation: Pitfalls & Missteps


Human Resources’ shift to best-of-breed Cloud Computing and AI Technologies will only accelerate throughout the rest of this decade. Some companies choose mature Cloud-based HRIS and Payroll applications from their existing legacy ERP platforms, while most focus on best-of-breed HRIS platforms. This is mainly attributable to the following reasons: Increased efficiency via self-service and mobility …

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Transition


Due to economic and service factors, many of our Silicon Valley start-up clients make the decision to part ways with their Professional Employer Organization (PEO) when they reach 150 – 250 employees.  During the start-up phase, companies decide to work with PEOs to provide their staff instant access to health and retirement benefits, basic HR …

New Release

The Last Book of Leadership
The world is changing! And leaders need to evolve to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. To help emerging leaders, we released a brand-new book, The Last Book of LeadershipBuy It Now

Latest News

  • 2022 - HBSC helps FinTech Company Implement HCM Transformation
  • 2022 - HBSC helps Hi-Tech Company Execute Digital and Organizational Transformation
  • 2022 - HBSC delivers next-generation Sales Ops / Deal Desk to BioTech Company
  • 2021 - HBSC wins UKG Implementation Project
  • 2021 - HBSC wins Workday Conversion Effort

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