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The Last Book of Leadership - by Christopher G. Hornick


The Last Book of Leadership by Christopher G. Hornick

We have entered a Super Evolutionary period! And leaders need to evolve to meet accelerating change. To help both seasoned and emerging leaders, we released a brand-new book, The Last Book of Leadership.

Artificial Intelligence Services

Consulting Service

Are you looking to unlock the true potential of your data and harness the power of Predictive Analytics and Generative AI? Whether are you …

Unified Leadership Training

Consulting Service

Experience the true power of your leadership. Three questions every leader needs to ask themselves: As leaders, we live in a dynamic global context …

Demystifying the Myths of Artificial Intelligence 


Step onto the grand stage of technological marvels, and there it stands, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the enigmatic enchanter of our digital era. Yet, as …

AI Deep Learning – Can Computers Think?


Over the past 60 years, Computer Scientists have relentlessly searched for ways to create intelligent machines through the application of complex rules-based algorithms.  Recent …

Latest News

  • 2024 - HBSC wins FinTech HCM / ERP Implementation
  • 2024 - HBSC wins Medical Device AI Predictive Analytics Engagement
  • 2023 - Online Gaming Win - HCM Transformation
  • 2023 - FinTech Win - HCM Implementation
  • 2022 - Hi-Tech Win - Digital & Organizational Transformation
  • 2022 - BioTech Win - Sales Ops / Deal Desk
  • 2021 - HBSC wins UKG Implementation Project
  • 2021 - HBSC wins Workday Conversion Effort

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Industry Expertise

Shaping the Future of Government: Embracing Innovation for Enhanced Public Services   The landscape of the government sector is undergoing a profound transformation driven …

HR Transformation: Pitfalls & Missteps


Human Resources’ shift to best-of-breed Cloud Computing and AI Technologies will only accelerate throughout the rest of this decade. Some companies choose mature Cloud-based …

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