Generation C – “Connect”

If you were born after 1990, you are considered part of Generation C – The “C” stands for many things including Connected, Creative, Communicative, Change-oriented and Content and Community focused.  This new generation of “mobile first” users have grown up intimately familiar with digital devices and have a high desire to always be within arm’s reach of the internet.  Their strong desire to remain connected at home, in transit, at work and at school is drastically changing the way companies connect with consumers. Right now, companies need to take an “all screens” approach to consumers – meaning they need to connect online, on social media sites and generate buzz all across mixed media.

This Gen-C demographic is extremely important to the global economy.   Within the next decade, they will represent the largest portion of consumers.  Today, there are over 4.5 billion mobile users in the world and approximately 1.7 billion internet users.  The impact of having an “Always On” generation leading the world economy will further accelerate the transformation of both political and business landscapes.

Generation C Profile

As a group, Generation C has the following characteristics:

  • Connection Expectations: Fast, always-on and ubiquitous
  • Connection Points:  Mobile as primary digital device – iEverything is the new norm
  • Attitude: “I will be interested, when you are interesting!”
  • Insecurity:  Being more than 1 meter away from their mobile device
  • Privacy Concerns:  Benefits of connected world outweigh the risks
  • Work Habits: Comfortable with all things digital – virtual project teams are the norm
  • Political Views: Leaning Liberal or Independent


This tech-savvy group also places significant value on creativity, relevance and originality and relies heavily on peer approval for buying decisions.  In addition, they desire to work in creative environments and industries and do not do well in rigid social or work hierarchies.

Connecting with Credibility

Across the board, Gen C puts their trust in peer reviews more than any kind of corporate advertising of promotion.  Prolific individuals obtain social media followings because they consistently provide industry related insights and demonstrate a high-level of thought leadership or fashion sense.

Interaction with Social Media

While physical contact with friends and family are typically limited, they stay in touch digitally.  Over 85% of Gen C has a profile on one or more social media sites and approximately 65% update their social status daily.  This group is extremely comfortable communicating both 1:1 and in broadcast mode to friends over multiple social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, SnapChat and others.

With this ever increasing bandwidth, ubiquitous mobile communication and improving collaboration technologies, Gen C will accelerate migration to entirely new communication channels.   Increasingly, Gen C will make all media a two-way conversation.

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