Your Competitive Advantage: SMAC Services

HBSC Strategic Services provides Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) Services in one integrated service offering.   This new offering is designed to help clients quickly close architectural and operational gaps and create new innovative capabilities to transform their businesses. 

The fact remains that businesses need to achieve new levels of productivity and innovation to survive and thrive during times of increasingly disruptive forces.  Businesses today recognize the need to simultaneously improve their operations while transforming the way they interact with customers.


In order to help our Clients rapidly innovate their businesses, we have created a new SMAC service offering to combine existing services into a single end-to-end Business Transformation offering.  We have integrated the following technologies and best practices into a service delivery model that offers organizations the means to quickly close their operational and innovation gaps:

Social – We help clients collect, monitor and analyze their social media data.   We also assist organizations to establish, maintain and enhance the way they currently market and sell their products and services.

Mobile – We help organizations design cutting-edge HTML5 and Native mobile applications that seamlessly extend and innovate their current web-based capabilities.

Analytics – We provide analytic strategies that leverage the latest Big Data technologies including Data Warehousing, Hadoop and multiple varieties of Predictive Analytics.

Cloud Solutions – We help our clients leverage Cloud-based platforms and leading edge technologies that provide agile applications and infrastructures at significantly reduced cost.

Intense competitive pressures require that businesses consistently improve their operations and differentiate their business.   These new integrated service offerings are designed to provide clients innovation driven growth by re-inventing business models, customer interactions, channel strategies and providing cost effective technologies.


HBSC project teams provide unwavering focus and help Clients address IT Strategy and Business Technology challenges with industry leading professional services.   Our consulting teams are unique in the industry because we bring an entrepreneurial perspective, multi-disciplinary skillsets and leading-edge technology expertise to each engagement.   We offer both strong domain expertise and in-depth industry knowledge.

For more information on how HBSC Strategic Services can transform your business, please contact us at 800-970-7995, email us at or visit our website at

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