Quote to Cash Process Improvement


Leading High Tech Software Company

The Challenge:

The Client’s business technology architecture grew organically and became highly fragmented across departmental lines.  Business processes were inconsistent, inefficient and required constant heroic efforts to ensure accurate financial reporting.  A financial restatement prompted organization to transform their Quote, Deal Management, Order Management and Fulfillment processes.

The Solution:

HBSC provided the analysis, modeling, methodology, enterprise architecture and implementation plans to achieve a more efficient, effective, compliant and innovative Q2C operation. Through our Business Transformation Service offering, the client was able to achieve the needed operational and strategic agility to improve to optimize their business processes.   HBSC leveraged its extensive Business Modeling, Systems Engineering and Q2C operational domain knowledge to quickly assess and transform the Clients business processes and technology environment:

  1. Assessed Finance, Sales, Fulfillment and Legal processes and systems architecture
  2. Interviewed stakeholder community including senior executives and front line workers
  3. Modeled core business processes to map primary, secondary and tertiary pain-points
  4. Documented detailed business requirements for future state business architecture
  5. Researched and reviewed best-of-breed Cloud-based software solutions
  6. Rationalized requirements against multiple vendor software packages (Gap Analysis)
  7. Selected best-of-breed cloud-computing solutions and appropriate integration technology
  8. Developed recommendations and execution plan (process, organization, people and systems)
  9. Established and gained Executive buy-in on detailed road-map
  10. Established Program Management Office to lead execution of the initiative


Working collaboratively with our Client, the HBSC Team transformed the existing business processes, technologies and organizational structure into a highly efficient and streamlined operation. Client organization achieved a successful project outcome with the following benefits:

  • Accurate Revenue Recognition – Deal structure became more standardized and were consistently reviewed across Finance, Operations and Legal.
  • Improved Productivity: Highly integrated system architecture between Sales, Financial, Legal and Operations.
  • Increase Scalability:  Organization greatly expanded their growth potential without adding resources.
  • Reduced Organizational Conflict:  Improved inter-departmental efficiency and reduced finger pointing.
  • Improved Margins:  Deal Desk reviewed and raised revenue standards across all deals.
  • Increased Deal Accuracy: Increased financial accuracy through improved transaction system integration.
  • Improved Compliance:  Q2C process became Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.


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