Turnaround Management


Real Estate Services Company

The Challenge:

A multi-billion dollar Real Estate Services company faced growing competition, rising labor costs, out-dated technology and lacked a clear marketplace vision. Over a period of 25 years, the organization grew through acquisition and suffered from non-standard business processes, legacy HR and Finance systems, poor financial controls and suspected employee fraud.

The Solution:

Working with the client’s Executive Management Team, HBSC assessed the current marketplace, helped the management team determine a compelling vision,  conducted a gap analysis on company’s existing technology platforms and facilitated several strategic planning sessions. During these planning sessions, a new organizational vision was established, priorities were set and operational goals and metrics were established. As part of the project, the following tasks were executed:

  1. Conducted a Strategic Assessment with Customers and Executive Leadership
  2. Facilitated off-site strategic planning sessions with the Executive Leadership Team
  3. Established new objectives and drove alignment between Business Strategy, Operations and IT
  4. Assisted in developing a new customer value proposition
  5. Developed business case and strategic plan to turnaround non-performing business units
  6. Developed a Change Management Road-map including new organizational structure
  7. Specified new Enterprise process and systems architecture to transform operations
  8. Established organizational metrics for tracking progress
  9. Established a Program Management Office (PMO) and executed against the newly developed road-map

The Benefits:

The Client organization achieved the following benefits through vastly improved operational capabilities and market position:

  • Improved Margins – Company became more efficient through differentiated services and automation.
  • Strategic Clients Retention – Key clients were briefed on new technologies and service improvements.
  • Lowered Overall Labor Costs – Technology automation saved $35-40 million annually.
  • Established a Turnaround Roadmap – Existing failing business unit became a profitable and growth-oriented.
  • Implemented Fraud Prevention – Implemented new Predictive Analytics to detect employee fraud.

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