Process Re-engineering & Regulatory Compliance


Leading Healthcare Technology Company with tens of thousands of large and small business customers

The Challenge:

To handle growth, new products, compliance, and reporting requirements, the client needed to re-engineer and improve their business and financial processes and systems.  The client also needed to improve their regulatory compliance.

The Solution:

The HBSC engagement team used its business and technical expertise to analyze and improve Insurance transaction processing systems. Lead multi-disciplinary project teams to do the following:

  1. Developed a through understanding of the client’s current and future business requirements
  2. Using UML Modeling – Analyzed client’s current business and financial processes and business systems
  3. Evaluated business and financial reports and develop methods for achieving optimization, automation, and process change
  4. Analyzed client’s current and future regulatory compliance requirements
  5. Created detailed requirement documents that captured the “To Be” business processes, organizational structure and technology architecture
  6. Assisted and advised in the development new standard operating procedures and policies
  7. Developed a set of process, organization, people and systems recommendations

The Benefits:

Working collaboratively with the client on a series of key projects, the HBS team was able to provide the client with several benefits including:

  • Unified Enterprise Architecture that specified requirements for system integrations, applications, and processes.
  • Technology Investment Clarity – “To Be” process, people, and systems roadmap that provided clarity around technology investment decisions
  • Improved Compliance – Process and architecture recommendations that enabled significant enhancement of compliance capabilities

Client was able to make business process changes and deploy new systems that enabled organizational agility, scalability, regulatory compliance, cost savings, and operational efficiencies. Client was able to utilize new optimized and streamlined processes and systems to achieve business growth and higher customer satisfaction by more quickly and accurately developing and delivering customized products to customers.


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