Digital Discovery


Global Logistic and Shipping Company


Organization lacked a Digital Strategy and Roadmap for competing with online competitors that were rapidly digitizing their service offerings.

The Solution

HBSC worked collaboratively with the Client Team to establish a vision and create customer-centric research and prototype a AI First Customer Experience.

  • Established a Digital Strategic Vision
  • Conducted customer-centric research with the end-user community
  • Developed a framework for evaluating and prioritizing Digital Opportunities
  • Assessed current operational / technical capabilities
  • Determined Roadmap and high-level phased approach

Phase I – Digital Discovery

  1. Recruit Customer participants and conduct in-depth interviews
  2. Document Customer process flows in “Journey Maps” and “Story-boards”
  3. Conduct competitive UX Assessment
  4. Conduct Product Opportunity Assessment
  5. Assess foundational technical requirements
  6. Develop vision, key objectives and value proposition
  7. Develop opportunity prioritization leveraging Build, Extend and Innovate Framework

 Phase II – UX Research and Analysis

  1. Develop an Initial Research Project Plan
  2. Conduct interviews with “Customer” users performing top 6 tasks for which they use the existing portals, followed by interpretation
  3. Creation of a “Customer-centric” Sequence Model – Ordered steps both in and out of the application that Customers perform
  4. Conduct Heuristic Audit on industry portal functionality
  5. Collaborate with Key Stakeholders
  6. Create detailed “Customer” Storyboards – Visually capture details of each task
  7. Create a Low-fidelity “Customer-centric” Prototype including one round of usability testing


  • Digital Discovery Roadmap – Opportunity Assessment Document
  • User Experience Research Document and Prototype

The Benefits

Organization leapfrogged the competition by developing a market leading online and mobile presence that leveraged Machine Learning algorithms.  Created a 3-year growth strategy and roadmap and fundamentally changed organization’s “Analog” culture to embrace digital innovation.

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