Strategic Analysis – Cloud Computing


Federal Government Agency (Washington DC)

The Challenge:

General Services Administration (GSA) wanted a strategic plan for “Going Green” across its 100+ data centers.

The Solution:

Working with agency directors and the CIO, HBSC assessed state of the industry virtualization best practices, conducted a gap analysis on existing data center technology platforms, facilitated strategic planning sessions and developed a business case for Federal Government data center virtualization. During these planning sessions, a new organizational vision was established, priorities were set and operational metrics were established. As part of the project, the following tasks were executed:

  1.  Conducted a Strategic Assessment across multiple government agencies
  2.  Facilitated strategic planning sessions with Agency leadership
  3.  Assisted in developing value propositions for various aspects of data center virtualization
  4.  Developed business case and impact analysis (Vitualization, HVAC, Real Estate Footprint, Labor)
  5.  Conducted overall security risk assessment of Vitualization technologies
  6.  Developed short-term / long-term government acquisition strategies
  7.  Specified new process and systems architecture service offerings for GSA
  8.  Established organizational metrics for tracking progress toward data center virtualization
  9.  Established overall business case for government agencies to “Go Green”

The Benefits:

Government Agency achieved the following benefits:

  • Newly Created Service Offering – A new GSA strategic services offerings for federal, state and local government agencies was proposed.
  • Demonstrated Opportunity for Significant Cost Saving – Provided a detailed road-map for Government Agencies to decrease data center costs by billion of dollars.
  • Establish Governmental Acquisition Strategy – Created governmental schedule of services available to all Federal, State and Local government agencies.

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