HCM Cloud Software Implementation


Retail & Commercial Financial Services Company

The Challenge:

The Client had a legacy on-premise Oracle ERP / Peoplesoft HCM platform and was experiencing inaccuracies in their HR, Benefits and Payroll operations.  In addition, the organization had multiple compliance-related issues that were not being addressed by the current vendor solutions.

The Solution:

Working with the Client Executive Team, HBSC conducted a detailed process mapping and pain-point analysis to understand the root causes.  Our Team conducted a RFP process, selected a SaaS vendor platform and implemented a solutions while integrating back to legacy systems.  The following tasks were executed:

  1. Conducted stakeholder interviews to understand business and technology pain-points
  2. Documented requirements and created a customized RFP
  3. Conducted a Proof of Concept (POC) with multiple SaaS HCM vendors
  4. Worked with Management to select an appropriate solution
  5. Conducted implementation planning and ROI analysis
  6. Implemented new HCM and Payroll SaaS solution
  7. Integrated HCM solution into existing architecture along with Benefits service providers
  8. Conducted a security audit on the new architecture
  9. Successfully launched new solution company-wide

The Benefits:

Client achieved a successful implementation with the following benefits:

  • Productivity Improvement: Client achieved best-in-class SaaS solutions that greatly improved efficiency
  • Increase Scalability:  Organization greatly expanded their growth potential without adding resources
  • Cost Savings: Lowered infrastructure cost by over 30% (annual cost savings).
  • Increased Compliance:  HR, Payroll and Finance processes achieved the proper controls and came into full regulatory compliance.

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