Transaction Services


Mid-tier Manufacturing Company

The Challenge:

A privately help manufacturing company grew significantly over a 11-year period and the founders wanted to sell the company.  The following goals were pursued during the engagement:

  1. Analyze current business operations and reported financials
  2. Assist in business case and PPM documentation preparation
  3. Provide negotiation assistance and facilitate investor inquiries

The Solution: 

Working closely with our Client, the HBSC Team gained a thorough understanding of the operations and financials and executed the marketing and sale of the company.   The following tasks were completed:

1. Assist with High-level Financial / Business Analysis

  • Review existing financial documentation
  • Understand any financial anomalies
  • Work with Accountants and internal personnel to explain anomalies

2. Create Documentation for Marketing the Company to Financial and Strategy Buyers

  • Create an NDA
  • Create an Executive Summary of the Business (For marketing purposes)
  • Create a business plan (showing financial projections and scenarios)
  • Create a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) – Explaining risks of the deal to potential investors
  • Assist in marketing the Company to interested Third-parties

3. Determine Sales Strategy and Lead Third-party Negotiations

  • Assist in determining sales strategy and scenarios
  • Facilitate negotiations with interested Third-parties

The Benefits

Client organization achieved a successful transaction outcome with the following benefits:

  • Multiple Offers Generated:  Marketed the deal to Private Equity and existing industry participants.
  • Business Sold Within 90 days:  Transaction was analyzed, marketed and closed within desired timeframe.
  • Company Sold Above Asking Price:  Company was sold for more than original asking price

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