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A fast growth 450-person company was receiving increasingly poor service and over-spending on their current workforce due to a 4-year PEO relationship.  The Organization decided to take control of their HR, Payroll and Benefits functions and build a better culture at the company.

The Solution

The company reached an inflection point and decided to convert from the existing PEO model and bring HR, Benefits and Payroll business processes in-house.  This required the implementation of a new HRIS platform.  The system implementation included 6 modules (HR, Payroll, Benefits and three Talent Management modules) for 380 US-based staff and approximately 70 international staff. HBSC provided on-going support including project management and HR and Payroll subject matter expertise around data conversion, compliance and business process roll-out.  Our approach quickly had the new business processes, systems and staff trained and up and running with a 4-month period.


The following goals were pursued during the engagement:

  • Facilitate conversion from PEO platform to a new HRIS platform
  • Provide project management, business analysis and compliance assessment for the system implementation
  • Design and roll-out new business processes and policies


HBSC worked collaboratively HR, Payroll, Benefits, and IT team members to implement the HRIS solution.  Our engagement tasks are listed as follows:

  1. Establish PEO checklist, project plan and timeline for conversion
  2. Evaluate, select and implement new HRIS technology platform
  3. Work with Insurance Broker to design and select new benefits packages
  4. Assist in HRIS set-up, configuration and staffing
  5. Assist with workflows definition and implementation
  6. Review data conversion process with staff and ADP
  7. Define and prioritize required interfaces
  8. Facilitate configuration testing
  9. Ensure compliance with local and national employment laws
  10. Facilitate HRIS roll-out and end-user adoption of new system

The Benefits

The organization was able to simultaneously improve employee satisfaction, reduce employment costs and scale their operations internationally. Several benefits included an improved employee experience, reduced paperwork and human touch and additional HR analytic capabilities.  The skills necessary to transition from the co-employment model to managing the processes and systems in-house were developed through a collaborative work approach between client staff and HBSC subject matter experts.

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