Social Business Strategy


Leading High-tech Software Company with worldwide presence

The Challenge:

The company realized that they were not collaborating effectively internally or with clients, innovation was falling behind and silos of information were not effectively being leveraged. In addition, there was no enterprise-wide social business strategy.

The Solution:

Our HBSC Team used its social business expertise and domain knowledge to quickly assess potential Social Business opportunities:

  1. Conducted strategic offsite meetings with Executive Team to assess opportunities (Engaging Employees, Customers and the Social Web)
  2. Captured client’s diverse set of Social Networking, Collaboration, Community and Social Media Monitoring business requirements
  3. Identified highest value solutions and created a Social Technical Blueprint and Implementation Road-map
  4. Deployed the HBSC Social Business Implementation Methodology
  5. Reviewed and selected a Social Business Software platform provider
  6. Developed “To Be” enterprise architecture model and conducted Gap Analysis
  7. Developed recommendations and an adoption plan for meeting client’s objectives
  8. Piloted the Social Business Platform and managed initial customer support and user adoption program

The Benefits:

Working collaboratively with the client, the following benefits were achieved:

  • More Effective Collaboration – Provided enhanced applications for information sharing, collaboration and relationship building.
  • Improved Knowledge Management – Reduced number of meetings and conference calls while drastically improving information flow.
  • Improved Idea Sharing – Improved ability to rapidly find people, expertise, conversations and documents needed to make decisions and take action.
  • Improved Communications – Organization communicated more effectively with partners and customers.
  • Reduced Customer Support Cost – Leveraged external customer communities to slash support costs, enhance marketing efforts and crowdsource innovation.

Our work provided the client with the roadmap and architecture to achieve adoption targets, meet collaboration and community objectives and gain significant product development efficiency. The client also achieved operational efficiency and agility to rapidly develop innovative new products and collaborate with customers.

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