User Experience (UX) Design


Vendor Management Company

The Challenge:

Client had a history of exceptional client service; however their VMS SaaS technology platform had become outdated and was a strategic disadvantage during the sales process. The software technology had grown organically without proper IT governance or UX design knowledge and was a significant contributor to inefficient business processes, poor customer experience and lost business.

The Solution:

Working with the Client’s Executive Management Team, HBSC researched competitive products, assessed current product capabilities, conducted primary user research and facilitated several strategic planning sessions. During these planning sessions, a new vision was established, UX Design priorities were set and operational metrics were established.  As part of the project, the following tasks were executed:

  1. Conducted Stakeholder Interviews
  2. Facilitated Multiple Product Demos
  3. Conducted Customer and Employee User Research
  4. Conducted a Heuristic Audit of current system capabilities
  5. Created User Profiles
  6. Redesigned web and mobile product components via Task Analysis
  7. Created Low Fidelity Prototype, Wireframes and Demo Apps
  8. Conducted Usability Testing with Internal and External User Community
  9. Created Visual Design and High Fidelity Prototype
  10. Worked with development to implement new web and mobile applications

The Benefits:

The client organization achieved the following benefits:

  • Best-in-class Software Platform – Client achieved the Magic Quadrant status for their software and mobile applications.
  • Improved Internal Operations –  Automated workflow improved efficiency and greatly expanded the service organization’s scalability.
  • Launched Mobile Application Strategy – Client launched best-in-class mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Internal Cost Savings – A competitive advantage was achieved through a 40% internal labor cost savings.
  • Increased Sales – Software and service sales increased 50+% due to improved application designs and improved user experience.


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