Green Tech

Many Fortune 1000 corporations are beginning to look at Green Technology (GreenTech) as a critical success factor in their strategic planning cycles. This trend has accelerated over the past several years due to competitors reengineering supply chains to make them greener, consumer environmental awareness and increased evidence of environmental impacts.

The primary reasons that corporations are now taking the GreenTech movement seriously is due to the following market forces:

  • Increasing energy prices
  • Less expensive alternatives such as future generation, or, mixed fuels
  • Current and anticipated future compliance requirements
  • Potential to reduce operating cost
  • Desire to improve public relations / perceptions
  • Corporate tax breaks

HBSC is on the forefront of answering the calls to these opportunities for our Clients by:

  • Conducting Carbon and Green Organizational Assessments
  • Creating De-carbonization Strategies
  • Designing Green IT and Data Center Initiatives
  • Conducting Sustainable Energy Analysis
  • Establishing Green Portfolio Programs

HBSC is recognized as a thought leader in applying environmentally sound Green Technology for competitive advantage. Our IT and Operations Strategy teams have significant experience in helping large enterprises innovate their businesses and doing it in an environmentally friendly way. If your firm is looking to begin Green Initiatives or to augment ones currently in place, HBSC can help provide cutting edge business perspectives to improve your competitiveness.

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