The Healthcare industry is a highly complex and multi-faceted network that links patients, providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies and technology companies. Current trends surrounding consumer value and behavior modification, health reform legislation, emerging technologies, and patient privacy (HIPAA) are sheparding companies to focus on new, streamlined solutions.

Healthcare Strategic Consulting

HBSC is recognized as a thought leader in helping private companies, government organizations, ACO’s and insurers create and unveil innovative solutions to meet today’s growing health care challenges. By creating winning strategies and deploying proven best practices, we assist organizations improve patient care quality while reducing the cost of health care through proven practices to achieve Quality, Cost, Access and Delivery objectives. We advise organizations in areas such as Cost of Health Care, Health Care IT, Health Care Social Media and Consumer Engagement Application, Program Management, Business Process Improvement and Change Management. Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures that short-term efficiency and cost cutting objectives can be achieved without compromising long-term strategic goals.

Healthcare Service Offerings

Drawing upon a wealth of experience in IT, Business Management Strategy, Operations and Organizational Design, we assist our Clients create economically and clinically viable strategies. Our Health Care Consultants offer years of experience in Assessment, Advisory and Project Assurance services and focus on helping Clients evaluate and advance their business strategies, policies and technology infrastructures and transition to a more efficient and effective operating model through:

  • Health Care ITWith increased focus on deploying technology and other health care software innovations, we assist Clients evaluate complex offerings. Our goal is to facilitate improved interactions between patients, physicians and payers to transform the way healthcare is managed and delivered. This, in turn, improves healthcare outcomes, increases patient consumerism and education, reduces administrative overhead, increases access and improves quality of care.
  • Government Health CareWith the cost of Medicare and Medicaid entitlement programs skyrocketing, significant opportunities exist to improve quality, access and affordability of public health care. Through the use of best practices and policies and innovative technologies such as predictive analytics, we help government agencies improve outcomes and access while reducing cost.
  • Providers, Payers and Insurers – As health care becomes more competitive and consumer focused, survival depends on reducing the cost of health care and designing and quickly delivering improved products to the marketplace. Our focus is on helping Clients strike a balance between quality patient care and cost effectiveness by improving business processes, IT infrastructures and analytics.

Each of our Healthcare service offerings assist Clients in understanding and articulating opportunities, make intelligent policy and investment decisions and operating more efficiently. We work collaboratively with our Clients to assess opportunities and risks, develop business cases, gain consensus and executive on mission critical initiatives. Example engagements include:

  • Cost of Healthcare Assessment (COHC) – Conducted an Operational Assessment for a major health insurance company to reduce the overall cost of healthcare. Created, collected and evaluated key metrics around chronic disease management, wellness and elderly care, recommended strategies to reduce bottom line healthcare costs and executed a cost reduction program.
  • Healthcare Quality and Efficiency Advisory – For a national HMO, rationalized their current service offerings to better target specific consumer segments. Collected and analyzed data to determine important product attributes. Provided advisory services focused on preventive, chronic and acute care, care coordination, processes, reimbursement and administration.
  • Healthcare IT Assurance – Administered a strategic assessment of a Payer’s Enterprise Architecture and worked collaboratively with senior executives to establish strategic objectives and leverage the power of Service-Oriented Architecture to enable interoperability of disparate healthcare products and solutions.

The next wave of Healthcare innovation is starting now – A revolution towards operational efficiency, improved outcomes, increased access, and new products designed to engage providers and consumers all facilitated by “next generation” IT infrastructure. Whether our Clients want to improve outcome effectiveness or bottom line savings, HBSC can help.

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