Billing Reconciliation Services

Due to business time constraints, non-standard billing, and changing benefits plans, many companies have challenges reconciling their premium payments to actual employee enrollment. Because of this complexity, HBSC offers Billing Reconciliation, Audit Services, and Payment Services.

Sources of Billing Errors

There are multiple benefit billing scenarios, including carrier billing, self-billing, and hybrid billing. Organizations that do not reconcile their bills and enrollment eventually encounter significant organizational pain.  The types of errors include: 

  1. Inaccurate rates
  2. Inaccurate tiers
  3. Improper plan assignments
  4. People missing coverage
  5. Coverage for people no longer with the company
  6. Improper allocation to department (Cost Centers / GL Codes)
  7. New hire timing issues (In HRIS, not on Invoice)
  8. Inaccurate Cobra payments
  9. Timing of Carrier Bills

*Note – A Hybrid Billing scenario is where the same carrier uses both carrier billing and self-billing for different plans.

Turn-key Billing Reconciliation Solution

  • Compare monthly vendor invoices with data in customer HRIS
  • Analyze errors in benefit premium costs
  • Generate payment amounts for Benefit self-billing
  • Validate and ensure EDI feeds are set-up properly
  • Provide a self-service portal for access to reconciliation reports

Turn-key Billing Reconciliation Solution

Billing Reconciliation Solution help:

  • Alleviates long hours and headaches for HR / Benefit teams
  • Create self-bill documentation each month
  • Eliminate rework and ongoing financial adjustments

Our services offer unlimited flexibility:

  • Unlimited resources – a service that can expand and contract with your HR and Benefit needs
  • Unlimited relief – knowing that your Benefits coverage and financials are 100% accurate
  • Unlimited freedom – elimination of tedious line-by-line examination by valuable HR and A/P resources. 

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