Enterprise Resource Planning

Corporate agility is a major source of competitive advantage.  The ability to quickly accommodate different business models and seamlessly execute across all channels is now a customer expectation.  In an ever changing world, the ability to know and analyze customer financial data at all points of contact provides enhanced intelligence to organizations.  This Omni-business / Omni-channel capability is a critical success factor for competing in today’s global economy.


In order to help businesses achieve the vision of Omni-business / Omni-channel, HBSC offers strategic consulting services designed to optimize sales channels, financial operations and back-office systems.   We help clients formulate a channel strategy, evaluated vendor technology and implemented comprehensive solutions involving the following technologies:

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • NetSuite
  • Oracle
  • SAP

The operational bar is consistently being raised and meeting customer expectation requires a high-level of expertise in business technology strategy, planning and execution.  For more information on how HBSC can help you improve your ERP capabilities, please contact us at client-development@hbsconsult.com.

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