HR Consulting Services

Our HBSC Human Resources Consulting practice helps numerous clients rapidly scale the human-side of their organizations.  As the global Hire to Retire employment model has greatly increased in complexity (including part-time, contingent workers, 10-99 consultants, H1-B visas and a large number of external recruiters), we help clients remain efficient and compliant while rapidly scaling their business.  We provide both strategic and tactical HR capabilities to skillfully navigate organizational and technical challenges.  Our service offerings include:

  • HR Best Practices
  • HCM Technology Evaluation and Implementation
  • PEO Transitions
  • Compensation Management
  • HR Compliance

We help clients mobilize their entire HR value chain for high growth.  Our services help organizations optimize their recruiting, onboarding, compensation management and payroll by focusing on industry best practices and ensuring that the right technology platform is selected to meet their unique needs.

Human Resources – Best Practices

We realize that mobilizing your organization to find, attract, select and retain the best of the best is a critical success factor.   Our ability to align organizational culture, HR best practices and HRIS technologies translates into a key differentiator.   We comprehensively covers the following areas.

  • Recruiting / Onboarding
  • Performance / Compensation Management
  • Payroll & Time / Labor
  • Benefits
  • Regulatory Issues, HR Policies and Compliance
  • Reorganizations

HCM Technology Evaluation / Implementation

Our HRx practice consultants help organizations navigate the complex vendor landscape across HRIS technologies and Outsourcing PEO Models.  We have decades of experience in Core and Talent Management HRIS technologies.   When considering a HR technology partner or solution, it is important to consider the following:

  • Core Functionality (HR, Benefits and Payroll)
  • Talent Management Functionality
  • Service Model
  • User Experience
  • Mobile Capability
  • BI / Predictive Analytics
  • Systems integration
  • Technology Architecture (Data security and privacy)
  • Compliance

Our Request for Proposal (RFP) process is the most comprehensive in the business. Many HRIS vendors use our comprehensive analysis of their product to enhance their future development roadmaps. Not only do we help organizations select the best technology platforms, we also work with them to fulfill the vision through rigorous execution. Senior HR Leaders hire HBSC because we are the only technology neutral consulting firm in the market.

Benefit Brokerage Selection

We also help organizations select an appropriate Insurance Brokers through a comprehensive RFP evaluation process.  This not only saves significant money, it can also ensure success with your Open Enrollment and Benefits Administration processes throughout the year.

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