Interim CXO Services

HBSC provides Interim CXO Services to Fortune 1000 companies and fast-growth start-ups.

Companies that require organizational transformation, risk mitigation, turnaround management, or need to staff recently vacated positions leverage our services. Our Executive Consultants have 20+ years of leadership experience in publicly and privately held companies. Many of our seasoned veterans also have experience helping companies prepare for their Initial Public Offering (IPO).  Our Interim CXO Services help drive a company’s growth through the efficient and effective use of Strategy, Innovation, and Technology – and beyond.  HBSC Interim Executives help organizations reduce risk and seize opportunities in a world of warp-speed change.

CIO Consulting Services The “Office of the CIO” service offering focuses on improving IT departments through industry best practices. HBSC offers assistance with IT Strategy, Governance, Enterprise Architecture, and Operational support by executives who have served as CIOs or VP of Information Technology for multiple enterprises.

COO Consulting Services – HBSC provides interim operational leadership to the CEO or a Business Unit Head on a part-time or project basis.   Our interim COOs are often tasked with helping organizations scale, improving operational quality, building new sales channels, or complying with complex government regulations.

CFO Consulting Services – HBSC Interim CFO resources provide financial leadership to CEOs and their Board of Directors. Our CFO consultants drive day-to-day functions such as deal desk, financial planning, HR, and facilities to ensure the Executive Team can focus on product and service development or sales. Our CFOs frequently negotiate venture capital, and handle audit coordination, valuations, FAS implementations, S1 filings, tax issues, due diligence, and the selection and implementation of core business technology.

Many companies enlist HBSC’s services for organizational visioning, planning, roadmap development, and compliance, as well as providing Interim C-level leadership. HBSC offers Interim Executive services in 6-month increments and can deploy an individual C-level executive or a combination of C-Level and Director-level resources. HBSC brings industry expertise and proven CXO resources that help clients mobilize the right people, skills, alliances, and technologies to achieve results.

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