Ultimate Leadership Training

Today, there is a world-wide crisis in how we select, assess, and develop our leaders. The number of challenging issues facing business and society has dramatically increased, and these issues have become more dynamic, complex, and global in nature. Many of these issues result from contextual complexity, rapidly evolving competitive forces, miss-information, and political attack. Moreover, in today’s international environment, the lack of intergroup cooperation poses significant threats to society.

The world needs virtuous leaders that speak the truth, fosters cooperation and collaboration, and seek unity. Addressing these complex issues also requires a unified leadership model that facilitates clear strategic thinking around visioning and execution. By equipping leaders in this manner, leaders will possess and internalize a cohesive mental model of leadership that enables a rapid understanding of the changing environments and leader-follower dynamics.

A Holistic General Leadership Ontology

Without such a holistic leadership model, outcomes are suboptimal and unpredictably unfavorable. Many leaders struggle, fail, flounder at their jobs because they have to “just wing it”. For leaders to improve and grow, they must overcome the three primary personal leadership limitations. These limitations include blind-spots, egotism, and a lack of empathy. The ability to solve problems and set and reliably achieve inspirational visions are our best hope for a brighter future.

Leadership Development Offering

HBSC is now offering The Ultimate Leadership Development program to Fortune 1000 Organizations. The program structure consists of Executive Inquiry Interviews conducted prior to the Ultimate Leadership Workshop sessions.

Leadership Inquiry Interviews – Our Seminar leaders interview each executive participant for 1 hour before the Seminar to understand their current leadership knowledge, challenges, and goals.

Day 1 Seminar (Training) – Day 1 provides Executive leaders with the foundation for understanding Leadership Context, Vision, Wisdom, and Power. Topics include The Ultimate Leadership Ontology, Vision Creation, Character, Competency, Presence, Organizational Savvy, Usage of Power, Relationship Strategy, and Operational Range. Throughout the Seminar, we provide insight on each topic and give examples from other exemplary leaders.

Day 2 Seminar (Assessment) – During Day 2, we collectively review leadership Context, Vision, Wisdom, and Power, and then each participant creates a personalized Ultimate Leadership ontological model and development plan. During this time, Executive Participants take the Ultimate Leadership Assessment to define their development objectives and methods. Lastly, leaders break into small groups to discuss their specific leadership context, vision and development plan.

The Problems: 

There have been many attempts to dissect 1 or 2 areas of the leadership elephant and then call it the whole elephant. Many leadership programs espouse that leadership is about X or Y or Z, but only provide partial truths that apply in specific situations. Current leadership models are too fragmentedtheoretical, and context-specific and are not generally useful for line managers and executives. They tend to narrowly focus on particular leadership traits, behaviors, and contexts that have made other leaders successful or memorable. Unfortunately, they do not provide a general-purpose way to think about leadership. Currently, there are significant gaps in leadership understanding, assessment, training and development, and no meaningful integrated leadership model that represent all four. The current openings in the Leadership market include:

  1. No unified Leadership Ontological Model that explains leader emergence, promotion, and advancement
  2. Lack of a suitable model that accurately assesses leadership gaps and development opportunities
  3. No unified model that shows the linkage between leadership, contextual environment, relationships and outcomes

The primary reason the study of leadership and other social sciences have been impeded and generally misunderstood is that theorists have never approached the topic from a multi-disciplinary, multi-domain, and integrative perspective. The lack of an explicit model that interrelates multiple leadership domains impedes both rapid and accurate communication and execution.

 The Seminar Promise: 

The Executive Leaders who participated in this seminar indicated that this was the most valuable leadership training that they encountered during their career. Moreover, most stated that they did not have a formal Leadership model that was universally useful, actionable or even helpful.   

The Ultimate Leader Training program promises a life-changing experience and a new unified mental model of leadership. One that facilitates understanding, assessment, as well as dramatically impacts leadership strategy and practice. The Ultimate Leadership Program provides a model that is universally applicable and creates opportunities for breakthrough outcomes. This program also provides a holistic leadership model for assessing, selecting, and developing the next generation of leaders. 


This seminar program is the Leadership program that we wished we had access to early in our careers. It is also the model we use to train HBSC Staff and will ultimately use it to teach our children about high-impact leadership.

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