Leadership Case Study (Part 2) – Evolution of Leadership

Abraham Lincoln vs. General George Meade  A New Leader for An Expanding Nation – Leadership Analysis The Civil War was the first ideological war in America, where we went to battle over values and ideas, and not territory. This was America’s first modern war, and Lincoln was the perfect leader for this first engagement in modern warfare. Lincoln understood how to prosecute a purposeful, ideological and expansive war at scale. This required a leader who could inspire the nation to such a degree that they could overlook and overcome the devastating hardship of a bitter and protracted civil contest. For the first time in American history, the country …

Leadership Case Study (Part 1) – Evolution of Leadership

Abraham Lincoln vs. General George Meade A West Point War – Leadership Analysis It was a hot and steamy 4th of July in the rolling hills of South-Central Pennsylvania. Indeed, it was one of the hottest days of the year. With torrential downpours continuing to fall, the ground was saturated with rain and blood. The body count tallies streamed into each of the commanding generals’ posts, shattering all prior records for daily death tolls. That summer day in 1863, the casualties tallied over 51,000, which included 46,000 men and over 5,000 horses and mules. General George Meade, in command of the Union Army for only three days, sat …

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